Keep Track of Your Receipts with ReceiptBox

Multiple accounts

Save and organize your receipts into multiple accounts.

Expense categories

Organize your expense into categories. Create your custom expense categories and keep track how much you spend on each. 

Receipts templates

Create templates based on existing receipts to reduce data entry on similar records.

Import-export to file

Export-Import your data to a txt file. CSV format for easy import to Microsoft Excel.

Easy search

Easy to search for receipts. Print or export your results.

Data Graphs

Pie charts and bar graphs for visual representation of how much do you spend per month or per category. 

Image attachment

Attach a image snapshot of your physical receipt. Use your iSight camera or select a image file.

Excel File

Export data to to Excel file (xls). Open with Microsoft Excel or Numbers

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"Just In Time For Tax Season Is The One Stop App To Manage All Your Receipts In A Digital Box."

"Easy to use. I use it for my small business and it is perfect."

Mac App Store Review

"Its A Good Program For Simple Data Entry. Perfect For A Small Business."

Mac App Store Review


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